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Circle Up!

Every person on this page is leading a team. They have achieved success in their YL businesses by caring for people and serving the people in their circle. We all have a circle of influence and these leaders are using their influence for good. I hope you enjoy getting to know them a little here and maybe someday you will be on this page too!

Platinum Leader-St. Louis, MO

Ashley is my Sister-in-Love, we've known each other ever since she fell in love with my little brother, Ira. I was so relieved he married someone who was easy to like...a true gem! They live in St. Louis, MO with their 4 darling children and last I heard, they added some baby chicks to their family too. Ashely's Darling Young Living team is just that, darling! If you are part of her team, you must get connected to all she offers! You will learn so much and be inspired! Ashley is an amazing educator and has a passion to help mama's and babies with natural health choices.

Silver Leader-Phoenix, AZ

Jessi is my sister, she is a singer/songwriter and an artist. I somehow convinced her to get oils and of course she loved them! She's always been passionate about healthy living. So when she was looking for another stream of income, Young Living made sense because it also lined up with her core values and passions of helping others achieve good health.
Another one of her passions is animal rescue. She lives up the road from me here in sunny Arizona with her 4 rescue pups, she's a great dog mom. Jessi is incredibly knowledgable on how to use oils and natural options with dogs. Those are some lucky dogs!
Oh, and she can also be found searching the internet for old school buses, so she can take the show on the road. So if you know of a good 6 window short bus...give her a holler.

Silver Leader-Minneapolis, MN

Once upon a time I worked at a church in Minnesota. When I worked there I had the pleasure of working with Shannon, she was an admin for the Youth Dept. After I moved away, we stayed in touch casually through social media. She was still in MN and had gotten married and even had two sweet daughters before we reconnected about oils. One thing Shannon has always been is thrifty and good at sniffing out a great deal. So when she needed oils in her life and we reconnected, she knew right away that her budget and lifestyle could be blessed by adding in YL oils and the opportunity. She works full time outside of the home and still built a great business with YL. She is a force! If you have the pleasure to know her or work with her, you know!

Silver Leader-Phoenix, AZ

Elisa and I are neighbors! We live in the same community and I kept bumping into her all over the place. Come to find out, she's a social butterfly! She's amazing at connecting people and is quite the business woman. Her and her husband own several Firehouse Sub restaurants and they are full time MawMaw and PawPaw too, their grandkids are so blessed! It took about 2 years of inviting Elisa to oil classes before she finally had a night free to come. She fell in LOVE! No surprise there! Her only regret? Not starting sooner with the oils! And once she fell in love with the products, her natural ability to share and get others on board took off and so did her YL business! If you are on Elisa's team, you know how generous and helpful she is! I will forever be thankful that we played Bunco together and that I get to call her a friend.

Executive Leader-Phoenix, AZ

Jenny and I met when she began hosting a Moms In Prayer meeting for our kid's elementary school. We met every week to pray over our kids, their teachers and our families. What a blessing she was to me for leading this! As we became friends, I learned she was on a mission to create a more clean environment in her home, free from carcinogens and harsh chemicals. Enter Young Living. It was the answer she had been praying for. Not only was she able to embrace the products, but because they fit so perfectly with her was a natural step to begin sharing and to embrace the business side as well. She has done so much to help others who are also on a mission to rid their homes of harsh chemicals. I am so glad the Lord brought us together!

Star Leader-Phoenix, AZ

Lance is one of my newest team members...but one of the very first people I ever shared oils with. He happens to be my husband. He was on board with the oils and the biz right away for me...but it took a little longer for him to embrace them for himself. Once he did though? Watch out. He uses many of the oils for staying healthy, alert and focused while he's at work flying and when he's in his shop creating aviation art. I guarantee you he has an oil in his pocket at any given moment. Ask him next time you see him and see if I'm right. (I am)
Lance meets people all the time who are curious about the oils and want to learn more, if he sent you here...I hope you dig in and let us both help you figure out how these products can make your life better!

We have leaders all over the country!

Now that I have introduced you to a few of my Personally Enrolled leaders, I also want to highlight so many more! Scroll through these beautiful faces and imagine yourself in the lineup. This business is for everyone! Not everyone will do it, but anyone who wants to can!

Silver Leader-Bealeton, VA

I got into oils for some heavy emotions I was dealing with. I needed support to get through a very tough time in my life. From there I began learning about toxic-free living and have since fallen in love with all Young Living has to offer. It turned into a business just because of my passion to share this wonderful company and lifestyle with my friends and family! Almost 6 years and I love this company and this business more every single day!

Favorite YL Product:
My favorite products that we use DAILY are the oils, supplements, skin and body care and allllll the Thieves!

Originally I started sharing because I wanted to buy everything! I immediately fell in love with the oils but didn’t want to hurt our budget. Once my eyes were opened to natural wellness and clean products, it became a passion to share with others so they too could live a lifestyle of wellness!

Favorite YL Product:
Valor and Frankincense!

Executive Leader-Savannah, GA

My daughter, Ginger Walls, said, "Mom, you have to try these oils!" The rest is history!

Favorite YL Product:
Valor, Euchalyptus Globulus, Thieves, NingXia Red, Citrus Fresh

Silver Leader-Carlton, PA

I started sharing about oils back in 2014 after I started using them and fell in love with how easy and natural they were to use. I have been married to my husband since 2005 and we have five beautiful children.

Favorite YL Product:
Lavender lotion, body wash and shampoo are a few of my bathroom favorites. Thieves, Peace & Calming Bergamot and Northern Lights Black Spruce are a few must have essential oils. The insect repellant and sunscreen! We also have to have the cinnamon CBD drops always in stock. My husband can’t go a day without the Cool Azul pain cream, En-R-Gee and deep relief roll on. ART renewal serum is one of my most favorite smelling facial products. My list could go on and on but I’ll stop here.

Gold Leader-Benton Harbor, MI

My husband & I both had a Peace & Calming experience that rocked our face off - completely incredible, and, as it turns out, not a coincidence! ;) I had to tell somebody! Before I knew it, an accidental business was born! And I’m so grateful for it!

Favorite YL Product:
Valor, Frankincense, Ningxia Red, Ningxia Zyng

Executive Leader-Safford, AZ

Essential oils have made such an incredibly positive difference in my life that not sharing would be a crime!!

Favorite YL Product:
Deep Relief, Cool Azul, Jade Lemon, Stress Away, Ortho Ease Massage Oil, Sensations body wash

Executive Leader-Memphis, TN

I was raised a little bit “crunchy,” so adopting oil use into our lifestyle was very organic. Sharing about them came organically, too; I couldn’t help telling my friends and family about them. Before I knew it, while still working my full-time speech-pathology job, I realized I had a team growing behind me, so I decided to dive in and commit to shepherding them well! It has been the MOST fun!

Favorite YL Product:
Ningxia Red and Sacred Frankincense

Silver Leader-Floyd, IA

I started using oils because I loved how they were working in my home—helping my family and myself.

Favorite YL Product:
Valor. Stress away. Orange.

Executive Leader-Bloomington, MN

I’m married to my husband John and we have two grown kids (the youngest has one semester of college left!). I originally started to share about oils so that I could get my oil ordered paid for but quickly realized that I just wanted to share because they are so amazing. The impact using these beautiful bottles of plant gold has had on my family has been huge! While my husband was slow to jump in at first, he actually carries his own oils now! The benefits of essential oils and all the oil infused products are too incredible to keep to myself! 😊

Favorite YL Product:
Absolute favorite oil is Valor, with Peppermint, Orange and Deep Relief close behind. NingXia Red, Inner Defense and Femigen are supplements I won’t let myself run out of....they are too good!

Silver Leader-Prairieville, LA

I started sharing about oils because they work.

Favorite YL Product:
Cinnamon Bark

Gold Leader-Saint Charles, MO

Early on in my life my eyes were opened to a more holistic approach to living.

After using YL since 2000 {thanks to my then boyfriend/ now husband}, it was a natural fit to start sharing about the products I love so much! In 2016 I took the leap to become a full time oil lady and it has been one of the best decisions of my life!

It really does matter who you sign up with, so becoming a part of this community will quickly become one of the biggest blessings of your life!

Favorite YL Product:
NingXia Red + Frankincense + Valor + NLBS + the entire Thieves line

Executive Leader-Gilbert, AZ

I started sharing oils because I want to help educate everyone about the dangers of store bought products and the health risks they pose. I also am passionate about natural living and love sharing what a difference it has made in my life.

Favorite YL Product:
Lavender- Frank-Valor

Silver Leader-saint Peters, MO

I started using essential oils because I needed natural solutions for my babies. I was on a journey of getting all the toxins out of my home, and I was trying to limit our use of conventional medicine. Essential oils (and all of Young Living's amazing natural products) seemed to be the answer to most of my problems!

Favorite YL Product:
I couldn't live without our Thieves Household Cleaner. But then I couldn't live without Ningxia either! How do I choose?